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Timeline Correction Meditation

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What do you think? Can mass meditation change our timeline?  Or are we really just switching our consciousness to a new timeline?

I came across this.  https://prepareforchange.net/2020/11/10/timeline-correction-meditation-on-november-11th-at-1011-am-utc/

Some people apparently meditated on November 11th.  I wonder if they achieved their desired outcome.


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3 hours ago, Einstein said:

We need a mass meditation to get Biden to concede.

Except that Biden is just an empty suit puppet for someone else.   Need to go for whomever that maybe , possibly the CIA ? 

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21 hours ago, Einstein said:

I am more prone to think it would be like a focused telepathic command.

There is a fine line between this and prayer, though.  Most people pray in a sort of meditative state and ask for things. 
It's all tied together, I believe. 

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