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  1. Please u beg you don’t destroy the whole universe by creating a black hole lol
  2. 1. Is it possible to make a number line timeline of the future? 2.What year are you from? 3. How do you time travel? 4.How can I time travel? 5. Last but not least, to support these claims, I’m going to be using Einstein’s test. It’s simple: What’s the answer to my question I haven’t asked yet? Post the answer in the comments and if you have the right answer, then I’ll post the question for everyone else to see. This is a different question then Einstein’s, so don’t think you can be cheeky and look back in past topics for the answer.
  3. Can this power be taught to me and others? At the very least, how could we manipulate the void to do one of many limitless possibilities other than time travel?
  4. Last year doing a neighborhood Halloween parade. As we were going back inside to our houses, a flash of white light was all I was before I regained consciousness inside my house. The door was locked and nobody was home. I think something teleported me inside. 2 other people were with me and teleported inside my house, and to this day they still don’t know what happened.
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