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  1. hello so something interesting happened today as you can tell i can talk to spirits demons or what ever you want to call them (i think that spirts are nice term) that sounds a lot nicer! lol but i asked my mum who was my grandad i have two one is great great great william john and the other one my grandpa who is dead and so it went a bit like this who is john or william i said to my mum and she said that he was working in the first world war in India and was doing science or biology or chemistry to do with space and time sift extra and that is exactly what he had told me in the firs
  2. wow so interesting what my great great grandad William told me? 

  3. well at first i thought to my self omg it looks like a spaghetti man lolz X-D
  4. nope it was in my school book from when i was back at school lol
  5. maybe but still dont know whats going on there lol
  6. dont remember that lol but thats what it looked like lol
  7. thanks you very much for the following be sure to an eye out for the interesting posts to come 🙂

  8. it was in my book with the UFO lol i haven't a clue
  9. i have been trying to look this for years
  10. so i saw this back in my school jotters back in 2016-18 and when i left school and i saw a guy who was working on a site and he was looking up at the sky and he pointed this out to me then i looked up and saw this i ran straight home to to draw this
  11. so last night i went to bed and zonked out i was really tired i woke up rounds about 3 am to change my into my pj's (still tried this morning) then went back to bed then i dream't about a buzzing wasp or fly couldn't tell what on earth it was but there was actual fly in my room because i still herd it buzzing a way but could be still in realm sleep while getting up and walking so just dead curios what does that mean? so i looked up on google and said it could be a danger warning call or something but im not to sure thanks for reading ?
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