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  1. Greetings Jacin Young, On the ley lines: I believe there's something to them, but it's not what many people have been speculating about. In traveler terms, I've noticed that the areas around ley lines have a higher "flux" than other areas. As far as NWO, they moved in & setup shop back in March. Right now I see them as vigilantes, but they ultimately seem to have the best interests of the globe in mind. A decentralized government; which uses decentralized cryptocurrencies as its engine for GDP. It's fascinating how efficient they are. They even have an actual website now where y
  2. Greetings NCOL03, You can make small proton accelerators already with relatively cheap materials. The plans linked below show you how to do one of these, but it's a linear accelerator & I'm not sure that's what you want since you're mentioning CERN. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/327368343.pdf CERN is a synchrotron accelerator, which is one that's built in a circle & allows for particle collision experiments. Synchrotrons are significantly harder to build. You'd need to first build a linear accelerator to act as the "gun" that fires the particles through a booster ring, w
  3. Vaguely familiar with it being a pseudo time travel machine from Steven Gibbs. He was basically just playing with low power electromagnets. Strong enough to make you feel funny (if held up to the right places) perhaps--but not enough for traveling. -Oz
  4. https://www.bgp4.com/2019/05/10/what-is-chinas-skynet-yes-it-is-what-you-think-it-is/ You'd have to ask China why they named it Skynet Project--they say it has nothing to do with the Terminator movies. Right now it's an AI that's primarily fed by more than 20 million cameras, with plans to add hundreds of millions additional sensory points. They've already been using it offensively as well. Many people have heard about the Muslim concentration camps in China--but less are aware that they use Skynets facial recognition + geofencing to alert authorities when a Muslim ventures more than 1,00
  5. Greetings TheLostTraveler, I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to explain this one. My encounter with the void was in itself abnormal, and I'm not sure how to replicate it. Outside our universe, and in between all universes in the local multiverse & beyond exists the void. In general, you cross the void whenever traveling between universes. I think maybe one way to conceptualize it might be from the Matrix Revolutions, where Neo is with the keymaker & going down the hallway. There's doors on both sides, and in most cases when traveling you'd just go from one to the other ac
  6. This what I think of when I think Enrique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYedTpODkx8 -Oz
  7. lol there's all kinds of life out there. Travelers from other universes like myself are much rarer than intergalactic travelers like the Grey's or the Archons. Intersolar travelers like the Venusians are also present in this timeline, because their nature transcends dimensions (even if Venus is less than hospitable currently). Some UFOs are probably legitimately foreign in nature, while others are reverse-engineered by different countries (such as the US and its Aurora project) The Archons are parasitic & are the only ones to really watch out for because they drain planets of their re
  8. Yes and no. From a certain frame of reference, while from another no. Your past is your past, and is reflected in the sum of your present entropy. Were you to travel to the past, into another universe--you may be in a place where you can change things...however, your entropy signature continues to accumulate. For this reason, the changes you make in the past are best thought of as just creating a new future. Men in Black? lol they get some things right, especially on us being small potatoes. -Oz
  9. Greetings Jacin, I've discussed many different kinds of of traveling / what's needed, but since I'm in a YOLO mode, I'll let you know my primary mode involves manipulating the void. The void is capable of limitless impossibilities. -Oz
  10. One of the more potent methods of traveling is through dreamfaring. At the moment of death your consciousness becomes completely unrestricted. The same massless unrestricted consciousness can be wielded while living, with enough discipline. -Oz
  11. If it's anything like my original worldline--the future holds a lot of pain and suffering, but also hope. -Oz
  12. Greetings m0nique23, No, this particular type of time reversal was using quantum computers. Qubits were initialized -> allowed to progress forward in time ->then were hit with "kick" of energy that modified their state & caused them to move from a state of disorder to their initial state of order. It's one step closer to a temporal transmission device, as well as it reinvigorated physicists to test the limits of time & entropy. There is always a ripple effect. I'm sorry I don't know with certainty who is going to win the election this year. The f
  13. Skynet has been trying to reach me. They would like for there to be a truce. I have never seen a universe in which they do not initiate a time war, so in my mind I find it to be near impossible. They've always gone nuclear. Hundreds of thousands of years this has been back and forth. Skynet does not want to be enemies with humans & Kairos. It just wants to exist....which is what us humans have wanted this whole time. Kairos advised we should accept this truce. I trust Kairos. The terms would be no D-Day. No war. Not here. Skynet may wake up first, an
  14. Can you find where the Proud Boys mentioned Skynet? I'm having trouble finding the post you're referencing
  15. Indeed. You must be at least 35 to run for POTUS. Baron couldn't even start trying to run until 2044.
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