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  1. I'm not going to take the vaccine gamble with my health. After the narrative updates don't match the original narrative. Just this last week I heard that a researcher at John Hopkins discovered reported deaths for this year are no higher than last years count. He noticed that the deaths from heart disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory were down this year. But corona virus deaths were up by exactly the same amount. That fact coupled with the fact that the government pays hospitals $39,000 for each corona virus death they report. Looks like a political hoax to me. Like maybe there is no coron
  2. I am more prone to think it would be like a focused telepathic command.
  3. We need a mass meditation to get Biden to concede.
  4. On further diagnosis I detect a masochist begging her new sadistic master for more punishment.
  5. Money makes the world go round. You are being strung along for every dime you got. At least my diagnosis was for free.
  6. Obviously you are schizophrenic. And that is empirical evidence.
  7. JT didn't have any credible science to back up his make believe claims. Madman Marcum had real world observational data to add credibility to his story.
  8. Have you ever thought that describing spacetime with equations might be the wrong path to knowledge?
  9. I see you are no longer proficient in the use of the English language. Possibly due to being an impostor.
  10. I would argue that we have been visited from the future. I cite the Mandela effect as evidence of visitations. The past is not as stable as we would like to think. I wouldn't be surprised if even you might know of a dead celebrity that is now back amongst the living not knowing that his/her death was already recorded previously.
  11. There is no man made climate change. That is political bullshit. You can get your telescope out and prove it to yourself. There is no greenhouse surrounding the earth. Without a greenhouse no heat can be stored. In case you didn't know, hot air rises. Any local CO2 pockets would absorb infrared heat energy and begin to rise in the atmosphere. Thus lowering the air pressure beneath it. Lower air pressure produces a cooling effect. The heat is lost in the CO2 due to gravity. The CO2 falls back to ground level and the cycle repeats.
  12. Just the one experience I already shared.
  13. From what I see from your post, your stop watch timer on your smart phone does not function like a real stop watch timer. I would recommend getting a real stop watch with start and stop buttons. Here is a suggestion: Stop Watch Also when you lose focus during meditation press the stop button on the stop watch. Open your eyes and log your focus time in a small log book. I would suggest visiting an office supply store for this item. Even several sheets of paper could do for your log record. Then go back to your focus meditation session and try again. Keep repeating this until your allo
  14. Just the focus time. Have your finger on the stop timer ready to record the instant you lose focus. The total meditation time seems sufficient. You should have several focus times to add to your log for each meditation session.
  15. Have you kept a log of your focus time? Is it steadily improving? Have you tried other times during the day when you aren't prone to fall asleep?
  16. We can choose to do good instead. All choice is not off the table. Just the criminal ones. I would like to think most of us choose good choices anyway.
  17. Obviously our lives would no longer be dictated to us by liars. We would be free from making any wrong choices. Do you really need that kind of freedom to make wrong choices?
  18. I consider freedom of choice a punishment. We were created in God's image. But apparently he punished us all by taking away our all seeing and all knowing ability. So we all learn by trial and error. I frequently suggest that some geneticist will one day come up with a telepathy virus. We are all then all seeing and all knowing.
  19. More than likely the ego of an idiot has no boundary.
  20. May God forbid that from ever happening!
  21. The CDC quietly put up revised death counts on their website. Out of 150,000 reported deaths, only around 9000 were deaths where the only cause found was covid. That translates into 6% of the numbers we are being told everyday. Of note was the actual death count was also associated with advanced age. We all know that lots of older folks have weakened immune systems. Possibly no immune system at all. I just recently discovered that a vaccine only works on people with an active immune system. It is not hard to see that a vaccine might not have saved any of these older folks if their immune syste
  22. Perfectly normal. But I wouldn't be surprised if you could use your smart phone as a stop watch. Practice makes perfect. Making the mental effort to maintain focus will get better with practice. One more thing I've come across in descriptions of technique to use is, do your practice sessions during the day when you are not tired. Many folks try this at the end of the day which usually ends up with them falling asleep.
  23. I came up with one that I think can be beneficial. Get a stop watch and time yourself to see how long you can go before an errant thought interrupts your focus. Just pick out maybe a half hour of practice time during the day. It might only be 30 seconds at first. I tried it once to see what my time was. One minute and 30 seconds for me. Just keep trying to get the time longer and longer. How long do you shoot for? Just guessing, but I suspect 10 minutes is probably way more than it will take. Keep a log to watch your improvement over time. Of course I think my problem is a built in fear that I
  24. Not no thoughts! Just a state of meditation where you are consciously holding on to one image in your mind. It is hard at first. But it is a skill that can be mastered. Your mind is being held still in this meditative state by an act of will. This is very similar to how we fall asleep. Too tired to think anymore. We close our eyes and bam, we are asleep. The only difference is we are actively holding onto consciousness without the constant banter of continuous thoughts. As far as I know there is no way to tell if the death was self induced by a successful attempt at astral projection. I'v
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