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  1. Paula, you literally hit the nail on the head:) I wonder if that’s how Coral Castle was constructed. Seriously so fascinating!!!
  2. As a woman, I’m used to this to this type of disgusting language/behavior...however it doesn’t make it right or acceptable.
  3. TBH, I haven’t really found any “use” for my gifts. (I mean...they are not there to serve me anyway and its not like I work at strengthening them 😂) They are just something that help me navigate the world a little more easily. How do I even put this.... its like I always have this internal compass that is accurate...sometimes I have to “tap in” to access them...sometimes the information just flows thru. My mother said I was always like this as a child. I knew she was pregnant with my brother before she did....and told everyone in the grocery store haha I would “
  4. I also have a few of ‘the clairs’....not to brag 😂
  5. I have this weird ability....some call SLI (street light interference)....what dimension do we think that is on? And before anyone comes for me 😂....I have PLENTY of video evidence to back up my claims. this is my party trick:) (amongst my other weird abilities haha) But I will say it never gets old:)
  6. Have I told you lately that I like the way you think Kerr?!?!:) I completely agree...half the people alive haven’t read the current form of scripture let alone invested the time looking deeper into its meaning or consulting older versions. I def need to read what you wrote on CC (my apologies..Ive disinterested in the Internet for a few years...as I’m sure you noticed I deactivated my fb and have remained rather silent...observing life, lol) I cannot speak on what versions SIN had in his possession but I do know he collected any and every one he could get his hands on and would
  7. Well, its like they say....”you get what you pay for” and I have no issues paying someone for the education they worked for and the time they invested for that said education. Enjoy your free healthcare while you bitch about Obamacare and Biden publicly. It’s people like you that make me laugh😂
  8. I should say the letter “J” wasn’t in existence yet. Oh, and also collected* Id edit my original post but it wasn’t allowing me to. ::shrugs:: You get what I mean thou Kerr:)
  9. Trying to discredit someone’s mental health by misdiagnosing them without a medical degree is both brazen and tasteless. I have plenty of issues haha but my primary care physician as well as my therapist, and psychologist can tell you that is simply not true:) It’s people like you that have the REAL issues. Ps. It’s also pretty stupid....”Einstein”....one could even replace the word “stupid” with illegal and SLANDEROUS. So please, tell me what I am some more. I’m dyyyyyyyyying for your opinions of me 😂
  10. Very interesting!!! While I am a very spiritual person and have a strong connection to source...I have a hard time following any versions..modern or otherwise..of the Bible. The only reason I feel like giving at this time, is simply the letter “J” had not been invented yet. So if I’m going to follow the word of God, I want to follow facts. His sons name was IESUS. Also, didn’t Sir Issac Newton have issues with the Bible even though he read and collect every form he could get his hands on? Did he not also believe that god speaks to those who listen thru nature? I b
  11. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!!! Question for you- How do you feel this is all related?
  12. If they were really “fantastic claims” legitimate people would be investigating such work. There are plenty of notable people such as the real Einstein himself that thought it was plausible, but was not proven. Observational data is not empirical evidence. With all due....
  13. So sacred geometry is found in nature...but it also seems to appear thru sound/tone/vibration as well. Open discussion guys....thoughts on this? How? Why? Go!
  14. Well damn....this was NOT what I was expecting...in the best possible way. Very informative and great to see people not going into a satanic panic over this:)
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