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  1. Can you help me to send message to the past of me?

  2. I wish I could do more but it might find me.
  3. If I see a place I can go there via time travel. So with some binoculars and dark clothing and a few windows here and there I was able to map his compound out. I sneak attacked him while he was raping one of his mistresses in a room I had been in at one point then timed a raping in that room and went in at that point. Took... I'd say 2 weeks of collective time spent traveling to pull off. I punched him and teleported out. He was in the middle of his reign. And yes he was raping. I saw the girls reaction. I was planning this a test for becoming a superhero. But then it found me.
  4. English and Chinese. I speak a little japanese. It was mostly subterfuge that got me around. Guards doesn't seem that scary without guns. And I brought a lot of equipment for getting over walls and my parkour helps. I saw this dude go to a collesium and he ended up fighting a chicken...he was SCARED before that chicken came out. I think he was supposed to find a lion or something. Are we all gonna ignore the fact I got attacked by a monster?
  5. Can confirm. Used psychic method to time travel. Can warn. Don't use this method to time travel.
  6. Ok. I uh... witnessed the building of the sphinx. A gladiator match. I staged a daring multi time travel raid of Stalin's compound to punch him while he was raping some girl. (That was fun.) I got a job as a roadie for JIMI...FREAKING...HENDRIX. Three months. Best music ever. I trained at Shaolin and nearly died during my first day of training... actually. I was planning to go for life at Shaolin but decided that the life of a warrior wasn't for me. I valued life too much. I bummed around Fuedal Japan. This wasn't in order I just remembered them in this order. And no. It found me. It will find
  7. 2015. And no I'm stating I can. I can... sorta teleport. As long as I have 15 seconds as an anchor. If I try to stay on a place in one timeline without having 15 seconds meditation ahead of me in my previous I cant go anywhere. I've gotten kinda good too with what I can do... shame. It has it's limits. Ok. My contingency plan to dispose of my own body is complete. Time line resolved. Shame.
  8. I'm a time traveler. I used a method of meditation mixed with lucid dreaming to access a part of the brain that allowed sliding through time and space. I give no further instructions on this method. I am here to warn all those using this method of even possibly time traveling in general. It found me. I can't explain what it is... I'll explain... when I first started the process I started with simple changes... I may have... punched Stalin and ran. That was fun. I started to see the world. Truely I felt privileged. Then the first thing happened. I received a letter in the mail with the words "N
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