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  1. Youtube completely purged the Catherine Austin Fitts interview. So it was moved to here...( have to scroll down a bit to get to the video of the interview ) What is really going on ... as per Catherine Austin Fitts
  2. YouTube blocked the video as lined in my previous post. This is the new link: Catherine Austin Fitts
  3. Here it is... we're building our own demise. This lady nailed it. Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown
  4. Except that Biden is just an empty suit puppet for someone else. Need to go for whomever that maybe , possibly the CIA ?
  5. A vast majority of people don't really "see" what's in the Bible. Especially the modern versions, which I wrote about in the Science in Religion dimension here on Curious Cosmos. My example there also illustrates what I'm talking about regarding the Scripture(s). There are depths to Scripture(s) that go beyond what 99 % of the people have read or have been exposed. Eh...Percentage might be a wee bit of an exaggeration (but not by much). I don't know which version(s) of the Bible S.I.N read or collected. The Ethiopian Bible compiled in approx. 400 A.D., after missing for hundre
  6. Relative to 'Mother Earth' , something that has been removed from modern versions of the Bible, is this Genesis 1:1-2 ; in·beginning he-created Elohim » the·heavens and·» the·earth and·the·earth she-became chaos and·vacancy and·darkness over surfaces-of abyss and·spirit-of Elohim vibrating over surfaces-of the·waters... This is a literal translation before being made an easy read. The part that stands out when 'Mother Earth' is mentioned is she became . Where exactly does that fit into the verse? And who is she being referred too? Also, think most of us strive to become...so
  7. Most of the passages in Christian Scripture are allegories and metaphors. To support this statement, I'm going to use the allegory of Adam and Eve from the Book of Genesis. The very FIRST fact to be aware of is that there are numerous variations. To become more familiar with any verses in Scripture it is a good idea to compare several versions, ex. KJV, NIV, Amplified Bible, etc., to make note of the differences. The BEST method to use is to find the oldest versions possible, since those are closer to the era when many of the books were written. Copy of a copy of a copy c
  8. The Blue Boy portrait is currently in a gallery at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. Thomas Gainsborough completed the painting sometime around the year of 1770. There are several interesting tales to tell with The Blue Boy. It is believed to be a portrait of the young son of a merchant who was a friend of Thomas. The name of the merchants son is Jonathan Buttall. The painting measures 70.00 inches tall x 44.10 inches wide. Gainsborough had a rivalry going with another painter named Sir Joshua Reynolds. Some believe Th
  9. Donatello : Born 1386 Died 1466 Leonardo : Born 1452 Died 1519 Michelangelo : Born 1475 Died 1564 Raphael : Born 1483 Died 1520 Donatello was in a state of decay when Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael were doing their thing. This was painted by Raphael. Raphael painted an image of Michelangelo in it. The man resting his elbow on the box at the base of the stairs, Michelangelo.
  10. Leonardo verses Michelangelo. I'd have to say that Michelangelo was the true artist and leagues ahead of Leonardo de Vinci. Leonardo must have felt that way too. He got so upset he moved out of Italy and into France because of Michelangelo. There is also an interesting element involved that I'm still researching, and will post on that after finding as much as I can on it. By the way, Michelangelo placed a self portrait in his Sistine Chapel work. And... There is a third contender in all this : Raphael.
  11. Sistine Chapel as painted by Michelangelo : Dimensions = 133' x 46' Closer view for detail: Michelangelo also painted one of the walls with what is called ; "the Last Judgement ":
  12. 23 feet x 29 feet is about right. As far as size, it may seem large, however, remember that Leonardo was competing with Michelangelo. Was going to move to Michelangelo next. It is a beautiful painting. However, believed it was mentioned, have to consider who painted it. Leonardo da Vinci is considered a master artist, yet, also mentioned previously, The Last Supper just doesn't seem to fulfill that ideal.
  13. I know a time traveler who can manipulate historical data in google trends too. Look at the word "Fubar". He followed through on his promise to manipulate a word that never reached 100, and then manipulated the historical data. Here is the proof : Can look for yourself to see he didn't photoshop the graph: ( https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=Fubar&hl=en-US&tz=240 )
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