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  1. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    Yeah it crops up every time something "happens". Some of them seem evident, like the belly of the dragon dripping water (dam in China). I keep looking for the one where some made some good decodes on it but I'm not clever enough to guess beyond the obvious ones with any certainty. Or it could just be someone writing random garbage for a larp. Nothing is untrue anymore.
  2. Zooming in some, it looks like there's saw marks in the rock at the base: Could just be cracks or something else though.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55056570 Well... This is weird. Saw it crop up on a few oddball sites yesterday so didn't think too much about it... But today it's on BBC and some others. What do you suppose this is? Someone's art, or is 2020 now the year we make contact? 😉
  4. Birds aren't real.

  5. It's time for a yam jam.

  6. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    Another interesting post...
  7. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    I meant to post an explanation later, but I fell asleep 😉 This is something that was posted on 4chan's /pol/ several months ago, and it keeps resurfacing there as new things happen. It's come back up enough times that I think there might be something to it, just not sure what. There is another post I've seen where someone decodes this in a way that connects some interesting dots; I will look for it and post that up too. I mostly just wanted to stick it here before I forgot.
  8. >It will happen when the weather cools. >That's when they'll make their move. >The plans made long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition. >They're trying to force God's hand. >Watch for these signs: >Three branches will become one. >An island will drift away. >A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill. >The star will gorge itself on clay. >Idols will speak and move about. >The black flag will fly above the dome. >The belly of the dragon will drip water. >Two voices will call out
  9. This stuck out to me. Makes sense.
  10. I think I posted this sentiment before, but I'll post it again anyhow. I honestly would not even bat an eye if someone official came out and confirmed all of this. Aliens are real, UFOs are checking us out, we've been working with aliens since the 50s, whatever. Not even a little bit. I think a lot of us who are into this kind of thing have been so desensitized to it and have had so many other confirmations or validations in other areas of interest that "daddy" telling us it's real wouldn't make a difference. Everyone else isn't us and would be shocked to some degree, but stillI thi
  11. When you say "what you see in your head", are you mediating or doing some form of automatic writing? Something like that? Interesting visualizations nonetheless, will follow this 😉
  12. Just following up from last week. Here's a list of "things" that happened on the above dates that may or may not be related: Sept. 14 - Federal Judge in PA declares shutdowns unconstitutional. Sept. 15 - Abraham Accords signed US/Israel/UAE/Bahrain. Sept. 16 - Esper reveals China DEW systems; Antifa Playbook/Eisen outed. Sept. 17 - All 4 Carter Page FISA warrants fraudulent. Sept. 18 - Trump extends 9/11 Emergency Declaration/RBG assumes room temperature. Not saying any of this stuff is part of any plan, but happened on the highlighted dates and are interesting.
  13. So the cat's name is Gizmo, but Mo for short. He's a good boy.
  14. No name yet, but on the way home.
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