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  2. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. But isn't mass meditation basically prayer?
  3. This forum is so deep. I can guess a few of those on the list but I’m curious of what others have come up with. You said this is on 4chan, cosmo? G
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  5. Except that Biden is just an empty suit puppet for someone else. Need to go for whomever that maybe , possibly the CIA ?
  6. We need a mass meditation to get Biden to concede.
  7. What do you think? Can mass meditation change our timeline? Or are we really just switching our consciousness to a new timeline? I came across this. https://prepareforchange.net/2020/11/10/timeline-correction-meditation-on-november-11th-at-1011-am-utc/ Some people apparently meditated on November 11th. I wonder if they achieved their desired outcome.
  8. Ok, McKay, why don't you start by telling us your thoughts? There are theories all over this forum. Which one is correct? Or are there multiple ways to time travel? I can't imagine there only being one.
  9. Birds aren't real.

  10. Last week
  11. @Cosmo Sydney Powell said that the evidence enters the courts this week and she was "on the phone". https://www.newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/sidney-powell-campaign-lawyer-dominion/2020/11/21/id/998181/ I think your post was 100% accurate.
  12. So, nobody else noticed that @_Oz said something major was going to happen on the 19th and that just happened to be the day that Sydney Powell announced the law suits and evidence? Or nobody cares? He saw this coming. He could just be another smart person who pays attention, but I think this is very interesting.
  13. It's time for a yam jam.

  14. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    Another interesting post...
  15. Introduction This is a complete list of the 10 symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1833), the 10th and final of which is currently theoretical and should become a reality in either an alternate timeline or a revision of history as we know it. The symphonies notes' contain the numerical order of each symphony, the key of each symphony and each of their movements, the numerical order of symphony movements (indicated in lowercase Roman numerals), the years of composition in parentheses, and the forms of each symphony movement (i.e. sonata form, rondo, etc.) also included in parentheses.
  16. Every single one of them thinks they can become famous like the Titor legend. They get angry when we figure them out. Formula: Claim Questions asked by the curious Claimant becomes angry because he can't answer Claimant leaves and never returns That is the formula of an impostor. I wish they would at least be educated and entertain us a bit better.
  17. Good to just keep it here, then, so we can refer back to it. It could be someone psychic, as I believe we all have the ability. Or, it's sort of a poetic way of using logic to explain what could happen to America.
  18. SYDNEY POWELL RELEASED THE KRAKEN TODAY and totally schooled the fake news press! It was spectacular. All of this is being taken to court. How did @_Oz know, you guys?
  19. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    I meant to post an explanation later, but I fell asleep 😉 This is something that was posted on 4chan's /pol/ several months ago, and it keeps resurfacing there as new things happen. It's come back up enough times that I think there might be something to it, just not sure what. There is another post I've seen where someone decodes this in a way that connects some interesting dots; I will look for it and post that up too. I mostly just wanted to stick it here before I forgot.
  20. Where did this come from, Cosmo? 3 branches of government become one? Yikes. Sounds like dictatorship.
  21. Are we talking to Trump himself? 🙂 I wish. We know he is involved with time travel. The books make it way too obvious.
  22. Awaits for today's news. What could happen?
  23. >It will happen when the weather cools. >That's when they'll make their move. >The plans made long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition. >They're trying to force God's hand. >Watch for these signs: >Three branches will become one. >An island will drift away. >A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill. >The star will gorge itself on clay. >Idols will speak and move about. >The black flag will fly above the dome. >The belly of the dragon will drip water. >Two voices will call out
  24. Paula, you literally hit the nail on the head:) I wonder if that’s how Coral Castle was constructed. Seriously so fascinating!!!
  25. As a woman, I’m used to this to this type of disgusting language/behavior...however it doesn’t make it right or acceptable.
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