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  2. I read that some bikers or hikers or tourists of some sort removed it. WTH.... Can't we have something mysterious without some moron destroying it? I considered it art, something quirky to talk about, and some environmentalist says it is littering. So tired of people.
  3. Buddy has his own channel on Rumble. Enjoy. https://rumble.com/vbhhgt-buddy-the-alligator-grunting.html
  4. I agree. It's a cop out. Cause and effect exist. Coincidence implies nothing caused anything, that something magically happened out of thin air. During the past few years I have been opening my eyes to God and am seeing miracles left and right. The problem is, and I apologize for going off topic, that I don't understand why prayer can change some things, but not others. For instance, Jesus can make blind men see and crippled men walk, but he couldn't save my rabbit??? Anyway, yes, time travel is possible. Everything is possible. The real question in life should be if something "
  5. He said you can’t change the events of history but you can alter them. I don’t think he was wrong, I think he gave us the events of history but in our worldline since the whole divergence thing, it wouldn’t be exactly the same names, dates or times but it will be the same event. He said the “mad cow” story hasn’t started yet and that was back in 2000, so in this worldline maybe it’s not mad cow...maybe it’s COVID? And the whole Civil war thing surrounding a presidential election which has never been heard of this century until now must be another coincidence. You all are still thinki
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. But that's correct. There is no such thing as coincidence. To my knowledge, coincidence is just a fake method of attempting to explain odd, mysterious events.
  8. And there is no such thing as coincidence.
  9. Never let someone put you down for investigating. MSM and people who are too lazy to think will call everything a "conspiracy theory". And the truth is, our government is one big conspiracy to begin with, even if it wasn't originally intended to be that way. We do question, doubt, investigate, but that is part of critical thinking. We don't even have to believe everything as long as we put logical thought to it. So, no worries. Brush off the mentally lazy. They are simply sheep. We will wait to see if anything in this poem comes true. Why not? It hurts nobody. 🙂 🙂
  10. Can anyone identify this? Is it used to launch satellites or is it truly an alien space craft?
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  12. I saw that too, I feel like this is going to blow up pretty soon and we get to find out some secrets
  13. I agree that some of these artists that clearly use the “other” side do have prophetic ideas when they are writing their albums. The forces that control this world do enjoy putting out warning signs about what they are about to do next because they know the average person is going to put their head in the sand and aren’t educated enough to understand what they are seeing or hearing. Look at the Simpsons, how many “predictions” they have gotten right? Then you have us folk, who are called crazy or conspiracy theorist because we research and find out the answers or signs. Whe
  14. They need to do forensics. Look for footprints and other evidence to determine if a human simply placed it there. I do hope they leave it alone.
  15. Random doesn't necessarily be illegitimate. Remember, I have a theory about accidental psychic information. When creating, we think we are just using our imagination but can accidentally predict the future. Perhaps this person thought we was writing a random poem, but he was really reading the future. I guess we'll find out in due time. I will repeat my story for people who are new here. I believe artists accidentally predict the future at times and I have evidence. The band Dream Theater released an album on 9/11 that had a picture of NYC burning. (See below). They immedia
  16. There is a fine line between this and prayer, though. Most people pray in a sort of meditative state and ask for things. It's all tied together, I believe.
  17. Cosmo

    The Prophecy

    Yeah it crops up every time something "happens". Some of them seem evident, like the belly of the dragon dripping water (dam in China). I keep looking for the one where some made some good decodes on it but I'm not clever enough to guess beyond the obvious ones with any certainty. Or it could just be someone writing random garbage for a larp. Nothing is untrue anymore.
  18. Zooming in some, it looks like there's saw marks in the rock at the base: Could just be cracks or something else though.
  19. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55056570 Well... This is weird. Saw it crop up on a few oddball sites yesterday so didn't think too much about it... But today it's on BBC and some others. What do you suppose this is? Someone's art, or is 2020 now the year we make contact? 😉
  20. I am more prone to think it would be like a focused telepathic command.
  21. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. But isn't mass meditation basically prayer?
  22. This forum is so deep. I can guess a few of those on the list but I’m curious of what others have come up with. You said this is on 4chan, cosmo? G
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