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Unsolved Murders

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Who was Jack the Ripper? Oscar Wilde? Or maybe somebody he knew ? Or maybe it was ....??? As a group collaboration, we'll travel back in time and review the cases of different murders and then using our researching skills, recreate the crimes, collect the evidence, present and discuss the evidence each of us has discovered, and then reveal the killer(s).
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  2. Intended this to be a group effort. For the members of the group to contribute to an investigation of our own. I have my sources, however, other members may find different sources to provide a different perspective OR bring to light something over-looked by previous investigations.
  3. Kerr, this is really cool. Do you have any other information about victims to show us?
  4. Ripper victims are : Mary Ann Nichols Annie Chapman Elizabeth Stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Jane Kelly There may have possibly been more victims. If possible let's look to see if there are others who may have been victims of Jack the Ripper. For now, Mary Ann Nichols is considered to be the first victim. Mary Ann Nichols Birth Date: August 26, 1845 Attacked and killed: August 31, 1888 Age: (43) Location: in front of a gated stable entrance in Buck’s Row ( currently Durward Street), Whitechapel, about 150 yards from the L

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