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  2. Shamanic journeying helps some. I got a drumbeat CD. Blindfold. Visualize entering a cave or other entry point. Accept complete justification for doing so regardless of what the world says. Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Be careful with it.
  3. FYI: Radionics—also called electromagnetic therapy and the Abrams Method—is a form of alternative medicine that claims that disease can be diagnosed and treated by applying electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves.
  4. Unless it is over 2000mg of sodium. We need sodium to live, but too much causes high blood pressure and bloating and other problems.
  5. Agreed. So I found Virus Responding to Stimuli and was interested in the graphic about Lysogenic cycle. If RNA/DNA material can become part of the HOST DNA, Can it be inherited/Passed on through generations? since we have mRNA vaccines - can that too be Inherited/Passed and lay dormant through generations? if RNA/DNA material can lay dormant until "stressed" What are those stressors? heres a thought - do we all have cancer until it's activated? Sure makes you think viruses act on cells by injecting themselves - what else do we inject and why are we doing it?
  6. A virus is much smaller than a basic cell. They are to our red blood cells as Earth is to the sun. I don't think I'd classify them as "alive" but they're not "unalive" either. They're somewhere in between. -Oz
  7. I go off on tangents all the time, so I just created a new post. Forums are great for my brain. LOL. I thought this would make a good debate and it seems to be so far.
  8. So do basic cells, but we consider them alive, right? If not, we wouldn't be alive. A plant wouldn't be alive.
  9. I've always thought virus' were closer to organic nanobots than real organic life. Virus' evolve, act, and adapt according to their programming. I suppose one could also think of virus' as completely random bits of code. -Oz
  10. It all depends on how you want to broaden or restrict the definition of being alive. I think viruses certainly qualify as a form of pre-life or proto-life. https://cosmosmagazine.com/biology/why-are-viruses-considered-to-be-non-living Viruses have structure and internal coding of nucleic acids. They are more complicated than rocks but fail to qualify as true living organisms.
  11. My take on a virus not being a living thing - there is no nuclei - and they need a host - hence your "from within an organism".... Actually - the "response to stimuli" is the reason I asked to forget the "virus" and look for what else may cause what we are responding to. :)
  12. life ► n. The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism. A virus doesn't physically grow, but it reproduces, responds to stimuli, and adapts to the environment from within an organism. How is it not alive?
  13. Viruses are inert until they come into contact with a living cell, yes. They seem more like pieces of code waiting to be activated. Prions are even more simpler than viruses. They are called sub-viral particles... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmsWOrQtj4w Both viruses and prions are considered to be non-living. We are at war with tiny microscopic things such as bacteria and viruses that can rapidly adapt and evolve.
  14. This article says that a virus cannot be considered a living thing because it does not replicate on its own. https://www.livescience.com/58018-are-viruses-alive.html I find a major logical error in that statement. Mammals cannot replicate on their own, either. It requires another mammal. Males sort of "invade" the female with sperm. This comes back to the basic question of, what is life, exactly? How do we determine what is "alive"? If a subject moves and replicates until it is destroyed, at which point it will eventually cease to exist, was it not alive? You can smash a roc
  15. I believe that the mind, body, and soul form a triad and that the mind is more than just a brain. The brain is a material information processor in order to limit our physical perceptions into a 3 dimensional sensory experience. When the body expires, the mind and soul will eventually return to this material plane for more experiences until the soul is ready for the next step in the process of spiritual evolution. Past lives are mostly forgotten in subsequent incarnations but some children can have memories of previous incarnations. The soul could be likened to an experience storage system
  16. By mind, I assume you mean consciousness. I believe the soul and consciousness are the same thing, but I cannot prove it.
  17. Interesting response my friend. To each his own...hmm. :unsure: You presented some interesting material in your posts in this thread. Being a discussion forum , was interested in discussing further what you offered up in your posts . However, if you prefer not to engage in a discussion with me, that's fine.
  18. @KerrTexas - I respect your opinion, and I'll leave it at that. To each his own...
  19. I'm not offended. Although I may have rolled my eyes when I read your comment that included the word, arrogant. ( ..and kicked the dog ) Anyway, If we all agreed on everything -- exactly -- , any discussion would become boring darn quick. You don't really know me yet, and haven't read my posts here through-out the years (been here since 2004). I have proposed similar theories as you have done in your posts ^^^above ^^^. Maybe not exactly the same, but, enough that what you're presenting makes for an interesting read and is enjoyable to discuss. Another factor that you aren't aware of
  20. I'm not exactly calling you "arrogant", and I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just trying to make the point that one should not be overconfident in what he thinks actually happened in the ancient past. One should also be open-minded. We may agree to disagree, but I believe that a majority of what is taught about ancient history in schools is simply inaccurate. I'm a big fan of Ancient Aliens, and I believe that our ancestors of ancient times were not stupid, and that they had advanced machinery; otherwise they wouldn't have built the Great Pyramids! I also believe it's very possible that t
  21. Scary thought. Everyone thinks humans will be upright. What if we are hunched over again.
  22. I don't believe you are saying that I was being 'pretty arrogant', are you? I agree that there probably were ancient civilizations that used technology that has been lost. Like that which was found at Puma Punku we have no idea what they did there ( although I have a theory ;)). However, the people of old did NOT have farming tractors that could farm like we do today. One tractor or harvesting machine today can work huge amounts of land, where before it required many more people. They did NOT have transportation like we do today. You either used an animal, boat or walked. I also would
  23. But it's very possible that (at least some) people in ancient times had the help of equipment to do the work for them. A lot of history has been rewritten and misinterpreted, and also mainstream history only uses evidence that fits its agenda. It's pretty arrogant to assume that the technology of today is the pinnacle of civilization, yes, even here on Earth.
  24. Could be DE-evolving. We do less work than many of our ancestors. They had to do many things themselves. These days we have equipment to do the work for us. And posture while sitting at a desk... :eek:
  25. I vote to fire them, then. This hurts! But think about it, if we are still evolving, it could explain a lot.
  26. According to Ancient Aliens and ancient astronaut theorists, our backs developed to the way they currently are because ETs made us as such, and hence they are doing experiments on us.

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