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Did ancient scientists hide scientific information inside religious manuscripts, books, or mythology to preserve their discoveries for future generations to discover and decode? Let's explore the past to discover possible scientific gems may have been hidden within the religions and the myths of the ancient world
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  2. Most of the passages in Christian Scripture are allegories and metaphors. To support this statement, I'm going to use the allegory of Adam and Eve from the Book of Genesis. The very FIRST fact to be aware of is that there are numerous variations. To become more familiar with any verses in Scripture it is a good idea to compare several versions, ex. KJV, NIV, Amplified Bible, etc., to make note of the differences. The BEST method to use is to find the oldest versions possible, since those are closer to the era when many of the books were written. Copy of a copy of a copy c
  3. I agree with you with the 'based on science and not belief', however, don't know that much about Scientology to say anything about it. Are you familiar with Scientology where you could share what the basics are as far as life, the Universe and everything else?
  4. If life is based on science and not belief would Scientology have clues to life’s goals?
  5. Well thanks to Desert Storm I was born with synchronicity. So it’s pretty freaky. Who invented synchronicity? Carl Jung and Albert Einstein? Or did I just create it and gave them credit as a gift? I spent a few years with Einstein’s younger doppelgänger in the 1990’s. He and his family knew that. I did not. And he never mentioned it. Now I have no proof of their forwarding address. We were close friends.
  6. In regards to Enochian info, thank you for passing that along. Very interesting to look up. I think the shamanistic approach is terrific intellectual approach. In my view, there is more synchronicity. Good luck!
  7. Makes sense. Druids study trees so tree of knowledge would control progress of language. Enochian tables are now in English. So before fall of man Adam spoke English but Moses was not given that secret when he wrote the Torah. New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. Southwest corner is Borrego Springs CA Druid’s are smart. But us Shamans are too. And we are fed up with the lies. Ask your area out in 51. They concurred. You just can’t see it with disbelief. <><
  8. Very interesting! I certainly believe in the power of prayer and other motions of it. I have seen it’s effects for myself and truly feel there is divine communication/interaction that can happen. In my studies, I find that yes, the action of speaking words can have an effect on reality. True, it is from one’s perspective and everyone’s journey is their own race. However, there is a legend that considers the blacksmithing of English words were overseen by the Druids. That there is a code contained within each word. In regards to math contained in the Bible, I think there is more to the concept
  9. I think we do what we can with the time and space we are born into. Regarding religion and time, 2 Kings 20:11 time goes backward. Rumor is the math of that verse helped NASA launch its space program because they could not get a craft to re enter. Bible is full of math for the good of mankind. <><
  10. Kind of branching off from praying and speaking to change reality. I have been watching Walking Dead for a long time and I spent a lot of time imagining what it would really be like living in a survival situation such as that, where life changes drastically. Then, the virus hits. (Ok, so it isn't "drastic"). Did I create this virus timeline by simply thinking about things such as this? Now, why didn't it get too bad in my timeline? I didn't like it, so I prayed for the virus to go away. Do we really have control over our own destiny? Why am I learning this when my life is half over? This
  11. To be honest this is theoretical. read as you wish. Prayer very much changes they reality around you in fact just speaking change is the reality around you. When you speak you're sending waves out from your throat that vibrates sear technically sending out vibrational of around you. This again goes into a theoretical science your brain is full of electrons and you choose to say and we don't know if sound waves affect Quantum particles yet or even if sound waves is quantum particles so when we speak we're sending out Quantum particles all around us letting our environment I know we me
  12. I would say that fixating on a condition would be more of a mantra. Is there a difference between the two? I would say yes ! Prayers and spells are external ( looking for something outside to solve an issue ) . A mantra is internal. ( energy from within to become...). Existence itself is thought to be the creation of opposing forces. The Bible contains couple of verses that applies to what you wrote in your reply relative to positive <> negative. Exodus 32:14 " And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people. " Isaiah 45:7 " I form the light,
  13. This is how I understand it also. What do you think about people with hypochondria? Fixating yourself on a condition you think you have is tantamount to prayer; might that focus the WRONG kind of energies on yourself? If you can focus energy to achieve a positive outcome, it would follow that the same thing could be done for a negative one, even unintentionally.
  14. God views our needs from a different perspective. God wants us to evolve. Not necessarily physically, but spiritually. A common statement on this is that if we pray for patience, God does not simply give it to us. We are placed in circumstances to learn how to be patient. God knows what we NEED to evolve spiritually, and what you WANT may not be applicable in your personal spiritual advancement program. As far as religion and time travel go, I believe that the two topics can co-exist in discussions. There were brilliant minded folks thousands of years ago that thought about the worki
  15. Note: This is not meant to be a religious thread per se or a heavily religious debate Many pray to a deity of some sort. I am beginning to believe that prayer can possibly change your reality. Example: You are afraid humanity will die from the comet zooming by. So, you pray heavily to your deity. If he decides to help, he will save your world in YOUR reality only, and others' who have prayed or have fulfilled the deity's will. Non-prayers may experience armageddon. This ties into multiple time lines and time travel really well, in my opinion. Basically, you are creating another
  16. Science and Religion. The existence of God. These are very interesting topics to me. It seems so easy, so very easy for online discussions on the topic to spring up, seemingly out of nowhere. I've read so many of these discussions - both formal and informal, written by laymen, scholars, and those in-between. I always get drawn into the topic and while on one hand I want to kick myself after reading the same debate yet again, I feel that I hopefully glean just a little bit more understanding of various viewpoints each time. And while I am dismayed by the tone taken at times in this thread by my
  17. I remember when studying at University, one of my lecturers was a Non-realist minister or a Christian Atheist. He didn't believe in a God, and perceived the bible as an instructional guidebook for moral living.
  18. (sorry I couldn't access the link you posted, it doesn't open here at work) I do reckon there are many definitions of atheism. I've seen people defining themselves as many things, like agnostic atheists, pure atheists, non-theist, anti-theists and so on. The definition you gave exists, according to this online dictionary: Atheism noun 1.the doctrine or belief that there is no God. 2.disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings. ... but it is not the only one. I would say that it isn't even the most correct one, from what I know about atheism. As number 2 shows,
  19. For most of the early history of Christianity, the "old testament" was not considered as canonical, even being viewed as unacceptable for Christians because of the passages in the writings of both Peter and Paul stating that the faith of Christians is not based on Jewish "myths and fables", but rather on "Christ Crucified".
  20. Absence of faith may be agnosticism, but atheism is a specific belief that there is no God. When you are standing around the water cooler trying to sound cool, or maybe at some bar trying to pick up some chick, or be picked up, saying that you are an agnostic may not sound as cool as saying that you are an atheist, but just remember what Dr. Carl Sagan said about it, "By some definitions atheism is very stupid." It doesn't take very much to prove that point. The belief in a specific God is a matter of faith. If that specific God is no god, it is a matter of blind faith. We know that consc
  21. There are just a lot of issues with modern world and religion. The first off is religious Christians who feel that any mistakes or changes to the Bible must be obscured and never admitted. The Bible must be perfect, because if a mistake is found somewhere, it can lead to people questioning other parts. For this reason, a lot of Christians, no matter how much the evidence, will not admit anything in the Bible is not perfect. But another issue is simply in translation of the book of Genesis. The problem is that all the debate about the first few pages of the Bible always end up in english.
  22. Lol, I'm curious about that type of atheism where they believe in nothing. Is there a website for these guys? I only ask because the only atheism I was presented to is the exact opposite: absence of faith.
  23. I will take your argument one step further. Certain types of Atheism are a religion, except they believe in "nothing", but "nothing" is actually something. Why I state this, is there are now many atheist groups which are promising if you become an atheist you will be happier, has a study been done on this ? How do you measure happiness ? People state that atheist groups are non violent, Maoism is an extreme from of atheism coupled with out beliefs. It appears to be pretty violent when it comes to conversion. Belief and science are two different things. Darwin was most likely a Christian,
  24. It was not my intent to offer the universality of God concepts in even the most isolated cultures (there is one isolated primitive tribe that only speaks of spirits, and a few people have tried to say this is an exception) as proof of God.. The point is that it is one factor to make actual atheism a matter of a specific faith (perhaps not always structured) that is in spite of many hints that there is most likely some sort of god. My argument is that any Atheist may be entitled to their faith, but not to pretend that it is based on science or logic.
  25. Nicolas... Feel free to do your own. Unless what follows is it. I covered every post except the two that were posted as I was writing my post. Have you "never" had a real conversation? It begins with one person saying they heard there really were pink elephants. The next person says, "Dude, I got so drunk one time I thought I saw them." Then someone adds, "You wanna compare drinking stories, listen to this..." And on it goes. Conversations flow... but IMO... this one has pretty much stayed on topic. The topic has been viewed from different angles, but has stayed on trac
  26. I honestly didn't understand the new sense of the original phrase you changed :( So, if I may: This quote you can find in Genesis. Well, not exactly like that of course. But it's there. And that doesn't match what we know of evolution.

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