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  2. Masks do nothing. They are used for politics and control only. Here is proof that you may also try yourself.
  3. Near hit-and-run. Why are they in middle of the street?
  4. A former Navy Seal said the best way to avoid being attacked by a mob is to use your instincts and avoid them in the first place. I personally think the biggest clue is the crowd size. In today's political climate, when you see a large crowd of young folks and you don't know what's going on. Leave. I would. Don't even drive near them. https://resistthemainstream.com/former-navy-seal-tells-tucker-what-to-do-if-you-find-yourself-surrounded-by-a-mob/ Now, is the guy really a Navy Seal? I have no idea, but his advice, in my opinion, is still solid. Be aware and trust your gut
  5. Rumors were to be expected. Lebanon was already a hotspot, but in this case it wasn't an external attack. More information has been released over the last 24 hours about the nature of the explosion, and it seems to be as mentioned--they had some extremely potent chemicals in the facility aside from just the fireworks. In this case it was tons of stockpiled ammonium nitrate, which is the same as the Texas fertilizer explosion in 2013. Apparently it had been held in the facility for over 6 years improperly The spin right now is that the fire was sparked by someone welding. I'm hesitant
  6. So many rumors. The one I heard was that it had a missile in it and America blew it up.
  7. I would be willing to guess that it is a power line that overloaded and burned up. On YouTube they have lots of transformer explosions that give off the same blinding light intensity when they go.
  8. 80's, late night, drunk, bored, 7-11 store, foil and microwave. yup, made for some fun.
  9. Yesterday after the blast... ~~~ Quote as reported by CNN: Major General Abbas Ibrahim, of Lebanon's General Security Directorate, said the massive blast that shook Beirut's port area on Tuesday was caused by confiscated “high explosive materials.” Read this morning ... ~~~ Quote as reported by French news agency (France 24), " President Michel Aoun said that 2,750 tones of ammonium nitrate had been stored for six years without safety measures.... " ~~~ Quote as reported by BBC, " Prime Minister Hassan Diab called it a catastrophe and said those responsible must be
  10. I also heard that it was fertilizer. Supposedly, a boat that docked was on fire for some reason and it spread to the warehouse.
  11. WTF is this? Posted 30 minutes ago from China.
  12. There's going to be a lot of spin over the next few days using some of the more sensational camera angles. Angle #3 - https://streamable.com/zbjj5f shows the explosion from just outside the factory. It starts from the bottom up. -Oz
  13. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/update-al-hadeth-news-says-massive-beirut-explosion-warehouse-iranian-missiles-hezbollah/ Interesting. Anyone have more info?
  14. Gotta wrap the potato in tinfoil first -Oz
  15. I feel bad for the people of Beirut right now, who were going about their daily lives until this all happened. It definitely was a fireworks warehouse that was the cause, but there's still some things up in the air about "What exactly was in that warehouse?" --At the very least they didn't have any radioactive materials, otherwise the plume would be much different. That's one good thing. --The big explosion / shockwave was the result of rapid decompression of a lot of something ^ I wonder "What the hell did they have that was so pressurized & THAT explosive to make THAT big of an
  16. Well, that's what happens when you leave a potato in the microwave.
  17. At first it was being said that it was a fireworks storage facility. Quote from NPR this morning : Early reports suggest the explosion was triggered by a fire at a large fireworks warehouse. Some of the video recordings show what looked to be flashes of smaller explosions before the larger blast, which generated an enormous shock wave. Quote from AP : Local TV stations reported that a fireworks warehouse was involved. Not very many people bought that story, so this came out later, (CNN) Major General Abbas Ibrahim, of Lebanon's General Security Directorate, sa
  18. I heard it was a fertilizer storage warehouse. Possibly spontaneous combustion. Someone could have left an oily rag lying around.
  19. Lebanon State Media stated that a Fireworks (fire crackers) storage warehouse in along the harbor area of Beirut, Lebanon caught fire then exploded today. 8/4/2020.
  20. Came across an article about extreme flooding taking place in China. Apparently, the Three Gorges Dam in China has been compromised by the enormous amount of water coming down the Yangtze River. The Chinese government has said the concrete dam has "deformed". IF the dam fails, millions could die, and as pointed out in the comment section related to the article, Wuhan, could be affected by the failure. Wouldn't that be dandy? Who would build a biological research lab in a flood zone? Aside from that, it was brought up that it is normal for concrete to deform under pressure.
  21. Why, then, can I post a copy of the video? It isn't taken down or banned when I post it, only if Potus does. Biased.
  22. At the same time, what choice did Twitter have? The band Linkin Park is the one who petitioned Twitter to remove it under DMCA regulations, since they misappropriated their music without asking permission. I am of the opinion no person is above the law in the US, not even the President. ^ Plus Twitter is backed into a corner. Trumps executive order to remove the legal liability protections on social media backfired, so now Twitter HAS to enforce its terms of service or else face lawsuits from places like the band Linkin Park. Now that they're forced to enforce their own ToS they're flagging
  23. Twitter had the audacity to remove a post of the President of the United States. That is beyond rude. I don't care who the President is -- the President needs to be respected. Ridiculous. This video is pointing out who is attempting to run the country....the pedophiles.... Sick. Sick. SICK. Of course Twitter removed it. Jack has ties to Disney which has ties to Pedoworld!!!
  24. I don't like Trump as POTUS, but that was an incredibly well made video. It will be interesting to see he's in office when the invasion happens. -Oz
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